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live dna doog by DeadInTheAttic live dna doog by DeadInTheAttic

Well, actually I already was somehow working on it, but I saw the contest for 'Emotions' at the same time, I think this digital illustration might be worth for :icon eliteartists: Contest, Emotion.

Initially I was searching for more references for further artworks, stockphotos, VIPs and so on. After I stumbled over the pics of the model 'Coco Rocha', I got the idea to this weird illustration. It was a bit difficult to create all those posings while only possessing appropiate references for her face, but that didn't stop me; I picked photos of many different people and posed myself for this. I like the idea of good and evil being equal, perhaps that leads to the dizzyness of a person. Being unable to decide, live on your own.

The title 'LIVE DNA DOOG' is not only transporting the idea of the wickedness but also fits to the positions of devil and angel on the shoulders. The working title might be better for you, 'Good and Evil'. Also I got the idea about 'LIVE EVIL', but this I will use for another illustration, you can bet.

My song for this crazyness is 'Pet Shop Boys - Yesterday When I Was Mad (earlier version)'. This would do for the angel.
For the devil I recommend 'Metallica - Sanitarium'.

To get an appropiate mood, try the song 'Valentine - Black Sheep'!!!

And to become weird yourself, listen to 'Mary Magdalan - Rage'.

Many thoughts in one mind, many different songs and emotions.

This is a complete digital illustration, no photomanipulation.

Nice to know:

Schizophrenia, depression and similar psychological diseases are not always as you assume them to be. Be careful what you are talking about. And often those diseases might be caused by a bio-chemical inbalance. I also remember that it was said that playing 'Guns'n Roses - November Rain' at Christmas caused many suicides.


After picking many references I created some rough drawings, which I used to illustrate this within Photoshop.
My usual technic is similar to airbrush. Masking the single elements (so I don't need to take that much care of the borders later on). Custom texture brushes increase the credibility (I got more than a dozen textile texture brushes by example). The original size would fit on a poster.
For this illustration I partly created the initial posings by repaintings, but especially the main character is only basing on a drawing of mine (the reference photo only delivered half of the face and drawing helps closing gaps and any lack of information within a reference photo).

Here you can find a closeup of my face-layer, to figure out how I am working.

Feel free to comment or ask!

Your friend

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ZealousTemplar Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I was looking for a specific pic on google images and came across this picture which someone used and thought ***awesome*** and then I could not find the original anywhere, eventually I came looking for it on Deviantart as I thought, someone as talented as that will definitely be on here. I then found your other incredible image depicting the devil and angel in a slightly different way and after looking at your galerie ***ta-da*** here it is, you can imagine my surprise, coincidence? I think not, you managed to create 2 pictures that both flabbergasted me in a short amount of time and I thank you for that, not to say that the rest of your work is not equally impressive, but these 2 were something that I was in the mood for so they struck a nerve. Keep being awesome!!!! you do it really well.

Archimonde-256 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2010
like it
DeadInTheAttic Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011
Thank you!

gagoshidzegio Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2010
Well, ofcourse it is very beautiful and I see you are profound in photoshop and other computer design programs. I am really astonished with technique. Only question is here about concept do our lives represent equality of evil and kind? Or live is caused by inequality between these phenomenons? Psychological staff:) Never mind.
Anyway amazing work!
DeadInTheAttic Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2010
Hi! Thanks for your comment!
I guess, life is not good or evil either. Or do people who 'do evil things' think about themselves as evil persons (just think about an austrian-german man in the mid of the last century)? Perhaps it's more some kind of egoism and altruism, moral and so on, enough space for many an assumption.

Does not everything seem fine as long as we are able to decide ... but what if we are not able to?

It is difficult to do good things if everyone got another definition of 'good' ;)

Don't you feel sometimes like Taz the Tasmanian Devil?

gagoshidzegio Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2010
Aha I think we, people gave labels to the words. Like good or bad. and do you know what? Words have a weight. Even in every religion creation of world starts with god's command-word.If we consider that words can measure our conducts than we can say what is good and what is bad in terms of our 5 feelings.
But I agree with you we can't measure life. Is it good or bad? It depends on our aspirations, goals, anxiety. Moreover it is very psychological issue like Do we have soul or not?If we have soul maybe we can see more beautiful world than the earth than we can't say that life is good. In other case maybe we are just bodies and we are loosing our personal identities after death, than life is good, because we don't want to depart with it.You see we can't say because we do not know mechanism of the universe.

And I want to say about definition of good. There are a lot of words and things on the earth that we must feel and don't define. If you take someone's conduct and evaluate in your mind you can feel whether it is good or bad.
You can perceive these things.
Ok. I think I wrote to much:D and sorry for my English ,I am Georgian and I know I have lot of grammar errors:)
DeadInTheAttic Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011
Thanks for your Words. Well, isn't this what an Artist should deserve too, inspiring others on one Way or the other ;)

And you are damn right. I don't know, whether I have got a Soul, but this makes me enjoying Life now.

See you!

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